Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Monster Good Birthday

When you have a boy with a birthday right around Christmas, there are so many problems with holding a birthday party which remains separate from the rest of the celebratory season.  We usually try to have the birthday either earlier or later than his actual birthday.  Some years though he gets stiffed.  It just doesn't work out sometimes.

This year, it worked out.  We held it after Christmas break so everyone was ready to dump their kids off for 2 1/2 hours and go take down decorations or perhaps return unwanted presents or maybe just have a bit of silence after the 10 days of chaos. 

Boy child chose miniature golfing this year.  There is a local place that has indoor, black light miniature golfing. We attended a birthday there last year for a school mate of his and it really was a fun time.

They have a fully creepy decorated party room - so no need to bring any of your own decorations. In the party room is everything you can think of - all paper products/plates, utensils, chip/snack bowls, ice cream scoops, cake knife/server, candles, lighter, microwave oven, etc.  There is a full size refrigerator with bags of ice for you to use.  I think my husband and the two dads who stayed for the party were especially excited to see that there was a flat screen TV - it was a hockey night in the 'Burgh!

They don't have food to order but we had pizza delivered and brought our own ice cream and an Oakmont Bakery cake.  Shout out to the Fox's Pizza delivery guy who brought the pizzas on time and piping hot - luv you man!

The kids ate pizza first then we went out into the hallways and had my son make a hand print for their wall of birthdays.  After that was cake and presents.  Once everyone had gathered up all their stuff  we headed downstairs to the golfing fun.  The kids could not wait to get there. 

 They were given the rules. 

Chose their golf balls.

Then entered into the fun zone!

Our party host did a fantastic job of keeping the kids on track throughout the party and he did not disappoint during the golfing either.  They played games to win prize tickets and just goofed around like kids enjoy doing.  JD was awesome at entertaining and keeping them all grouped together.

All adults with the party get to golf for free too! It was a blast.  There is a DJ booth and lots of great music playing.  I especially liked that there was quite a bit of 80's music playing while we were there.

Careful what you wear to this party though - you will glow!

At the end of the 18 holes of golf the kids were given a free pass to return, redemption tickets for prizes and some small toys. 

So, if you are looking for a fun birthday or just something to do when its below zero or even when it is in the 90's, you won't be disappointed in heading on over to the Monster Mini Golf for some fun.

We had a great time and my son was very happy!

Disclosure:  I received nothing in exchange for this post. They never asked me to write it.  We just had a great time and I thought I would share with you.  You're welcome :)

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