Friday, October 19, 2012

Birthdays at Bella Capelli Academy can be Beautiful!

Well, it is baby girl has entered the realm of teenager!  Yikes!  So as you know, no ordinary birthday party would do for one who is turning 13.  It has to be a big deal.  What to have that hasn't already been done in the friend circle is such an ordeal. 
My Diva wanted a spa party but to take a group of 13-14 year olds to a spa for a make over was way too expensive for us.  Then my sister-in-law suggested I contact a local beauty school.  Thank goodness she did. 
We found the Bella Capelli Academy and they had several birthday party packages to choose from.  I had no idea this even existed. We were so excited. 

We kept the decorations simple since the bulk of the party was going to be taking place out on the floor and in a separate room for the nails. (This is our before shot of the room - waiting for the guests to arrive.)

The package we chose was for 9 girls to get a shampoo, style, make-up and manicure.  Sure can't go wrong with that for a group of teens!  

We had cupcakes (with disco dust on them) and a local pizza place delivered pizza to us.

There were smiles all around for three hours. These girls loved it.
It was great fun for them to feel so pampered and they got to act all crazy with each other in the lively atmosphere that the great bunch of students were supplying. All the stylist were great with the girls and keep things moving and grooving!

 This was one of the best parties my daughter has had.  They all want to come back and get this same package for their Christmas dance.  Success!

 I found it funny that they all wanted curls put into their hair. Everyday they use the straighteners like a religion but today they wanted curls.  Teenagers are a odd bunch.

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