Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue Man Group in Pittsburgh

I'm not even sure where to start - music, lights, floating LED screens, dancing and percussion.  Those words cannot even begin to sum up the experience you will have at the Blue Man Group show being held at the Benedum Center from May 15-20, 2012 as part of the PNC Broadway Across America-Pittsburgh series. 

My son and I were at the opening night performance yesterday evening and all we can say is WOW!  This was an absolutely incredible show.  We laughed and danced and learned and ducked from flying or spraying objects.  We had the time of our lives. 

I had never been to a Blue Man Group show but several of my family members have and they loved it.  When the opportunity presented itself to see them here in Pittsburgh I jumped on it. 

The musical talent these folks have is amazing.  They also have a live band  that is quite spectacular as well.  The fun and entertainment these three blue mute men exude from the stage is fantastic.  The visual displays and the music really come together in such an artistic way and the acting these guys do to get their points across without ever uttering a word is phenomenal even hysterical.  The group comes out into the audience and interacts with the crowd and they even select people to join them on stage. 
This is a show for all age groups.  To my left were an elderly couple, to my right was my 8 year old and in front of me was a 20ish dating couple.  We all were enjoying ourselves and at one point up on our feet dancing and shaking our booties! 

It was also  nice to get an educational aspect with the teaching of rods and cones for understanding how our eye perceives color - my son really loved that.  If schools could teach all subjects this way everyone would be A students!

There is no intermission at this show but I can tell you that you don't even notice because there is so much going on that you wouldn't want to miss a thing or have the momentum stop.

My son couldn't stop thanking me for bringing him to this show.  My husband was peeved that I took my son and not him.  I'm just saying, everyone should go see the Blue Man Group show.  It is absolutely the most fun you will have. 

Disclosure ~ I was provided free tickets to the opening night performance of Blue Man Group.  I was not asked nor required to provide any review at all and these opinions are explicitly my own.

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Blue Man Group said...

I have not seen the show, but it sounds amazing!