Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Billy Elliot the Musical

PNC Broadway Across America-Pittsburgh Presents 2009 Tony Award-Winning Best Musical: Billy Elliot the Musical, making its Pittsburgh premiere at the Benedum Center, January 31 – February 12, 2012
I had the great pleasure of seeing this show last night for their opening night. 
My sister-in-law and I had a fun girls night out.  First we dined at Bravo Franco Ristorante which was fantastic and very reasonably priced and then we headed to the show.  It was so much fun.  I hadn't been out of the house without it being a kid function in probably a year so I was very much looking forward to this musical.
I was not disappointed.  This show had it all.  I laughed a lot, I was mesmerized by the dancing and I even shed a tear.  It was a very good performance and if you have the time it is definitely one to see.
I think that a lot of folks thought though that the show was focused on the child character so it was more of a children's show and brought their kids but in my opinion I think that this show is really a PG-13 show.  I would not have wanted my 8 year old to attend and I think that my 12 year old may have been a bit uncomfortable to be with her parents during the cussing parts. 
Ty Forhan (Billy) and Patrick Wetzel (Mr. Braithwaite) in "Billy Elliot the Musical."  Ty Forhan (Billy) and Patrick Wetzel (Mr. Braithwaite) in "Billy Elliot the Musical."  Ty Forhan (Billy), Jillian Rees-Brown (Grandma) and the cast of "Billy Elliot the Musical."
Billy Elliot the Musical is the journey of one boy to make his dreams come true. It is set in a small town and the story follows Billy as he stays after his boxing class one night to give the keys for the building to the dance teacher in the ballet class but then discovers he has a surprising talent that inspires his family and his whole community and changes his life forever.  There is a lot going on in his community also with the strike of the mining union and some family turmoil as well.

Billy Elliot the Musical features Ty Forhan, Kylend Hetherington, Zach Manske and J.P. Viernes in the role of ‘Billy.’

Also featured are Leah Hocking (Mrs. Wilkinson); Rich Hebert (Dad); Cynthia Darlow (Grandma); Cullen Titmas (Tony); Joel Blum (George); Ben Cook and Jacob Zelonky (Michael); and Samantha Blaire Cutler (Debbie).

Go see for yourself how talented the folks are - you won't be sorry.

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