Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snuggle Exhilarations White Lilac and Spring Flowers Review

I'm a pretty tough sell on anything that smells.  As an asthma sufferer and she with an allergy to anything and everything (other than food - go figure), I cannot tolerate smelly things.  Smelly things include air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergent, perfumes, etc.  So when wanted to provide me with a free product to review I was a bit hesitant.  I was getting bored with my current fabric softener though so I thought I'd give it a try. mailed me a free bottle of Snuggle Exhilarations - White Lilac and Spring Flowers.  When I first opened the bottle I was expecting the review to end there, but I was lured further by the wonderful aroma.  I cannot explain the scent while it is in the bottle but it almost smells like a delicious tropical umbrella drink.  I have done laundry almost every day for the last week and have used the Snuggle for each load.  I love the scent.  Seriously, it is not overpowering, it does not aggravate my asthma and the scent stays for days on the laundry. I hate it when you change your bedding and it smells so nice and clean but then in a day or two that fresh scent is already faded.  That is not the case with this. 

The other morning my daughter blurted out loud - "Oh my, it's me that smells so good.  I thought it was the hand soap in the bathroom but it is my sweater.  Are you using something new for the laundry?"  Really, true story.  She loved it. 

The Snuggle Exhilarations line comes a in variety of scents such as Black Raspberry and Hydrangea, White Lavender and Sandalwood, Sweet Blossom and Pomegranate, Blue Iris and Bamboo Silk,Wild Orchid and Vanilla, and White Lilac and Spring Flowers. Exhilarations also come in a dryer sheet form for those of you that prefer not use the liquid or if you just want to add to the softness of your laundry.

So my take on this fabric softener is that it is fantastic.  I will most definitely be buying this brand. 

Snuggle is excited to also announce their special Snuggle Facebook Sweepstakes. Enter for a chance to win the grand prize of a washer and dryer and a year’s supply of Snuggle Exhilarations White Lilac and Spring Flowers. Or for a chance to win a first prize, your very own Snuggle Bear. Go to the Snuggle Facebook Page:

Disclosure:  I was given a free sample of the Snuggle Exhilarations White Lilac and Spring Flowers product by to try in exchange for my honest opinion of it. My opinion is my own and not swayed in any way.  If I hated this product I would have said that but the truth is I really do love it!

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