Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heelys Review & Black Friday Special Alert!

Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special!! Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!

I was recently fortunate enough to receive a free pair of Heelys to try out and give my opinion on.  My 12-year-old daughter was the one who (since she now wears the same shoe size as me) was more confident to give these very cool shoes a try for me.  Especially since Olivia from Jerseylicious had worn Heelys on one of the show's episodes - she just loves that show!

Here is a photo of the shoe style my daughter and I selected!

Just in case you have no idea of what these Heelys are, let me explain.  Heelys are the original shoes with wheels in their heels that allow the wearer to transition from a walk to a roll by shifting the weight to their heel. You can also transform Heelys into street shoes by removing the wheels.  It was very easy for my daughter to remove and insert the wheels into the shoes. They come with a handy tool to do this with. 

Now my diva is not the most flexible nor coordinated girl in the world so this was really a task for her.  Fortunately, Heelys has a website called Skate101 that shows you exactly how to use the shoes. What is cool about this website too is that if you are the super coordinated, they even show you how to do some really great tricks! 

She isn't allowed to wear Heelys at school and we wanted to bring them on our Disney Cruise but they were banned on the decks of the ship also.  Since we live in Pittsburgh our weather hasn't really coooperated with us much to get outside and really give them a a really good skating try.  So we have had some fun with them in our kitchen.  She really loves these shoes and has dreamed of owning a pair for years. If I cannot seem to find them in the hall closet when I'm looking to wear them out - I'll give you one guess on who's closet they are in (or feet they are on).  They are not just to be worn for skating because they are stylish enough to be worn just as shoes too.

These are really well-made shoes, affordable, comfortable and fun!  Really, there is no negative about them.  There are really some great styles to choose from too - check them out for yourselves here!


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