Monday, September 5, 2011

Finding the Beauty in a Spa Vacation

So I may have entered a giveaway for a chance to win a spa vacation for two.  Have I mentioned that I have done nothing fun this summer?  Well, I've had fun but haven't actually gone somewhere fun.  In the grand scheme of summers in our house, this one has sucked big time.  So I felt justified in entering the giveaway.  I would love for me and a friend to go away to either LA, NY or Miami and just chill.  Nice - real nice. 

I checked out the site and put in a bunch of zip codes that were right around mine to see what kind of salons were listed - thinking that they wouldn't be any that I would recognize or just be all the Fantastic Sam types.  Not that I hold a grudge to Fantastic Sam, it is just that I'm a bit of a finicky person with who cuts my hair.  I've had some awful cuts.    To my surprise it came up with some really nice local salons that I know. 

So if you want a chance to to enter go check out the the Find A Beauty Salon site and see if you can find your dream stylist.  Also, you can enter for the September Daily Gift Card to amazing stores like Victoria Secrets, Spa Finder, and more. Also, at the end of this month they will be giving away a Grand Prize; A free year of salon or spa treatment!

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