Saturday, May 7, 2011

The DaGeDar™ Ball

This looks very cool to my Boy Child.  It hasn't been released yet for sale but heck look at this commercial!

This toy is from Cepia LLC, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets®.  DaGeDar™ (pronounced DAH-geh-DAAR) are collectible supercharged battle balls that have a graphic design that reflects the true energy contained inside. There are more than 240 different ball graphics planned for release this year, each with varying degrees of rarity. Every ball carries a special code number that you register on the DaGeDar™ website ( to reveal the true spirit contained within the ball, as well as its hidden powers.

Racing DaGeDar™ balls requires skill, practice, agility and finesse. Players must control the speed and velocity of the balls in order to propel them through loops and turns without leaving the tracks. Tricks and stunts can be mastered by whirling DaGeDar™ balls in Spinners or loading several balls into Battle Launchers to unleash them with supercharged battle play.

Yep, Boy Child is looking forward to getting his hands on these. I'm not so sure I'm happy about his prospect as I suspect I will be stepping on them once or twice - ouch!

Disclosure: By posting this information I have been entered into a contest sponsored by MomSelect to win DaGeDar™ products.

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