Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In school I got a D in Home-Ec

I have been given the opportunity to read a book entitled: Home-Ec 101 by author and One2One Network Member Heather Solos. 

It's true, I did receive a D for my grade in Home-Ec when I was in junior high school.  I'm very home-ec challenged.  After starting the first chapter of this book, however,  I realized that the sound in my ears was a chorus of angels signing on high. I was so excited that finally someone has developed and easy-to-read book that covers exactly what the title suggests -- Home-Ec 101!  I was learning a lot while reading this book.  Things I thought I knew were suddenly explained to me that I was actually incorrect.  I wasn't even ticked off that the author was explaining to me how dumb I've been all these years because her writing is hysterical.

You see when you work full-time (which I had for many many years) you just don't have the time to really think about how you are doing things around the house - you just focus on did that particular project get done.  Then when you marry and then add children to the mix of working, you certainly have to pick and choose your projects to tackle. 

This book puts everything into perspective for you on the why's, how-to's and do not's that will make housework, cooking and cleaning not only easier but more economical. I love how Ms. Solos is direct with her ideas but also adds the comedic spin to it which makes it much more interesting and fun to read.  She gives you advice on how to schedule your chores by week, month and seasonally.  Unless you grew up in a household with June Cleaver or you had Hazel living with you, this kind of stuff doesn't just come natural to you.  My mom taught me to bake - that's it.  She didn't teach me how to cook, clean, do laundry or any of that stuff - it was all trial and error for me.  Mostly error. 

I was especially interested in the cooking section - because you all know that when it comes to the kitchen my mind is a blank.  Equally as interesting to me is the section where she fills you in on how to treat common stains, since it seems that my son has been testing me on this subject during the last few days.  Now I'm going to attack that grape juice and permanent marker from his school clothes with a smile not my scissors!  There are sections on how to do simple repairs also.  Every section gives you a list of what essentials you should have on hand - that my friends, is very nice to know.

I think that Home-Ec 101 would be great to give to kids going off to college (yes, the guys too) because a lot of kids have apartments now not just dorm rooms so they will need this information.  I also think that this would make a great shower gift for a bride-to-be so that she can get some ideas on how to run her household right from the beginning.  You can give this to a recently divorced or widowed friend or relative.  You know what, though?  This is actually a great book for someone like me too.  Someone who is just now becoming a stay-at-home mom and isn't used to figuring out their weekly schedule that doesn't involve cramming it into 5 days of 6-11pm and weekends.  Reading this has given me a better insight on making better use of my time now.

I highly recommend this book and know that you would enjoy the wittiness of this author.

(I'd like to thank the One2One Network for giving me the chance to read this book and post my honest opinion.  I really did enjoy reading it.)

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