Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shrek The Musical - Fantastic Family Fun!

My son was just itching to see Shrek The Musical since he (and the rest of us) are big fans of the zany Shrek movies.

I was a bit timid to take Boy Child to this event since, as everyone who reads my blog regularly knows, that his behavior is sometimes not what it should be.  Especially if he is anxious about something new and unknown to him.  Since he has been improving lately, we decided to take this adventure.  Am I ever glad we did! This show was completely amazing! 

I snapped this photo of the three of them before the show began.  Yes, Diva was there but I caught her completely off guard and the shot of her made her look deathly (similar to Uncle Fester) so I cropped her out of the shot (she will thank me later).  I'd have taken another picture but I was reprimanded by the usher to put my camera away as there are no photos allowed.  Therefore, the rest of the photos on this page are from the Shrek The Musical website, not from me.

The show started about 15 minutes late and then there was a technical difficulty which ended up in another delay.  The audience handled this well.  Boy Child didn't handle it all that well because the instigating and touching and pinching started between he and his sister but thankfully the show started back up fairly quickly so that we were all mesmerized again.

The show follows the original Shrek movie very well.  The music and songs were impressively performed.  The colors of the sets and costumes were spectacular.  The special effects were wonderful.  Especially the dragon and Lord Farquaad.  

This show was hysterical.  We laughed so much.  In fact between the laughing and the smiling throughout the show by the end, my cheeks were sore.  The humor was not just geared for the kids but the adults as well.  Seriously, you can't help but have a great time when they mix in ogre burping and farting with singing and dancing - my kids were loving this. Everyone in the audience around me were laughing out loud and just really having a great time.

My daughter will tell you that their favorite character was the Dragon.  The way they handled this puppet and the singing voice behind it was marvelous.  My son really loved Donkey too.  I have to say that Donkey was my favorite as well because not only was he effervescent, I thought he had such an astonishing singing voice.  In fact the talent on this stage was outstanding.  Their comedic genius and amazing voices just captivated us beyond belief. 

In my family's opinion, if you miss this show you really would have missed out! We would see this again and again.  There was just so much energy, laughter, and general merriment with this show that you can't leave without a smile on your face and a pain in your side from the laughter.  Oh and a word to those that skipped out while they were introducing the cast to us at the end - you missed the best ending ever with the "I'm A Believer" song and dance number - Astounding!  Everyone was up on their feet dancing and clapping and singing along. 

Disclaimer: As I stated above, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust gave me 4 tickets to see Shrek The Musical in exchange for my opinion of the show.  They only asked for my honest opinion and nothing more.  All comments above are my truthful thoughts on this show - we really did love it.

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