Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toy Story 3 Action Links

I had the fortunate experience of recently receiving an in-home party kit from MomSelect to review the new Toy Story 3 Action Links stunt sets which are manufactured by Mattel.

The variety of stunt sets we received were:  Evil Dr. Porkchop Attacks, Jessie to the Rescue, Buzz Saves the Train, Sunnyside Breakout Deluxe Playset, and Junkyard Escape.  Also included were various Buddy Packs.  These are adorable figures packaged in pairs (buddies) and really allowed the kids to act out different scenarios with the stunt sets. There are other sets available but these are the ones we received for reviewing purposes.

These sets are designed to engage kids 5 years old and up.  This was perfect since my son will be turning 7 this month and his friends are 7 as well. 

I put the boxes on the floor and the boys jumped right on them and started building the sets all by themselves.  The sets are designed to work as a domino-type effect when you link them all together. The kids liked the fact that you can mix them up and reorganize them in any order you want over and over again. 

They had a great time playing with these sets.  In fact this is still set up in my family room and it has been a week now.  My son plays with this every day.  My daughter who is 11 also likes coming up with different ways for the stunt sets to be set up. 

So our family's take on the Toy Story 3 Action Links stunt sets from Mattel is a double thumbs up. These are high quality toys and really represent the Toy Story 3 movie quite well.  My son loved that movie.

I would highly recommend this as a great gift.  I've check on the Internet and the prices for these sets range from around $9 up to $32 depending on how they are bundled and which store you shop at. 

Normally, I would be giving away some of the items we received to my readers, but since it is so close to Christmas and I doubt that by the time my giveaway was over and I got the product in the mail that the winner would receive this in time to use for a gift. 

So what I decided to do with the remainder of the Buddy Packs and the Sunnyside Breakout Deluxe Playset is to donate these items to the Toys For Tots toy drive taking place now locally.  This way children who wouldn't normally be getting Christmas presents have a happier holiday this season and enjoy the fun of the Toy Story 3 Action Links stunt sets just like my boy does.

Thank you MomSelect and Mattel for supplying me with these toys for review and giveaway purposes.

(In the toy's defense the parts that required our extra help in this video were because we failed to re-set the stunt link from the numerous times we ran it not because of toy failure. LOL)

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