Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Riding Like Rock Stars with Exceptional Limousine

When I was a little girl playing with Barbie dolls I was always the hopeless romantic. I always had the boy doll sweep the girl doll off her feet in some dramatic fashion. Always.

Maybe that is why when it comes to special events I have this need for them to be extremely memorable. My husband will deny it but he is also very much the same. He says that if you are going to do something you might as well not do it second best, you should enjoy the moment and then the memory will remain solid. He is right, of course.

Six months ago, when my daughter and her friend were lucky enough to purchase tickets to see Justin Bieber’s concert here in Pittsburgh at the Consol Energy Center I was already trying to think up a way to make that monstrous event just one notch better for them. Diva has already been to the Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers concerts before but her friend has never seen a concert. I felt it was just my mission to spark it up.

I set out to get the girls a Limousine! These girls have been dreaming of this concert for the last six months and I was going to make sure it was a dream come true.

I emailed many Pittsburgh limousine companies and received many quotes from limos.com. I checked out their websites and searched for reviews of them via the Internet. Exceptional Limousine was one company that stood out from the rest. They have a vast selection of vehicles from a Hummer H3, to 12 - 22 passenger limos, party buses and, even a Pontiac Grand Prix limo! What I found out though was that while the other companies quote you a price, their prices aren’t usually complete. Exceptional Limousine does not charge for travel time to and from their garage like the others and when they give you a quote it includes the tip for the driver. So you know exactly how much you are going to pay before you even step foot in the vehicle. I liked that with Exceptional Limousine I wasn’t going to be surprised by extra hours and be panicking to come up with extra cash at the end of my evening. No stress. I don’t like stress.

I contacted Exceptional Limousine and explained what I wanted to accomplish for the girls’ night out. Mr. Paul Liberati was so nice to me and understood what I wanted and booked our event right away. I received my email confirmation that same day so I knew everything was in place.

The week of the concert though the weather decided to test my blood pressure medication and see if I would stroke or not. There was winter weather advisory and the wind chills were ridiculous. I started to majorly stress and emailed Mr. Liberati and asked if he were going to cancel or not. He said they monitor the weather and driving conditions very carefully as safety is a number one concern. He put my fears to rest and I was able to relax once again.

On the day of the concert, I received a phone call from our limo driver, Tony. Tony was just confirming the pick-up time and location and assured me everything was in order. This was such a nice touch. When my husband and I got married we booked a limo. Not only did that company not call me the day of my wedding to confirm like this but the limo was 40 minutes late in picking me up! I missed all the pre-wedding photos I wanted to take at the church and my husband was a nervous wreck wondering what happened to us. Also, when I had called that other limo service repeatedly that morning, all I got was an answering machine!

Our limo arrived early! When we saw the limo that arrived, we all went nuts. It was the biggest limousine I have ever seen that wasn’t in a movie. We got to ride in the Super Stretch town car limousine! This baby was equipped with a TV, satellite radio/CD player, mirrored ceilings, fiber optic complimentary stocked bar (which in our case was filled with water, soda and juices), our own controls for the heat, internal lighting system and a bunch of other stuff we didn’t even use but was nice to know we had it!

My son started to cry that he wasn’t going to get to ride in it. My daughter snapped a picture on her phone and sent it to all of her contacts. Her friends were going nuts from the picture. The look on the girls’ faces was exactly what I had hoped for.

Our driver, Tony, was awesome. He was courteous, thoughtful, engaging and just as professional as could be. With the weather as bad as it was he was very concerned for our staying warm. While driving through town he pointed out landmarks for the girls and we saw the Christmas tree at the PPG ice rink and the manger scene. Near the end of the concert he texts my cell phone and asked that we remain inside the building by the doors he dropped us off at and he would call me when he was right outside so that we didn’t have to stand in the snow storm that was brewing. Traffic was backing up a bit due to slick conditions and he wanted to make sure he was pulled right alongside the sidewalk so we could get into the limo safely and quickly. We didn’t have to wait long at all by the time we made it to the doors from our seats and sure enough he was right there at the sidewalk for us. He held the door open for us and when we got in it was so cozy and warm.

The roads were not in the best condition and I didn’t see a single salt crew until we were about a mile from my house but Tony’s excellent driving skills got us home safe and sound. He didn’t get us caught up in the concert traffic once we were away from the arena and the ride home was great. The girls were oblivious to the weather outside.

The girls loved their very first limousine ride thanks to the professional and quality service from Exceptional Limousine.

They are already trying to figure out when they can get to ride in it again. Since they are only 11 and 12 Prom is too far off for them but not so for many of their friend’s brothers, sisters and their cousins - so you can bet what company I am going to be recommending for Prom season! I’m thinking my friends going to the Kenny Chesney concert might like that party bus too. If I can get tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in June you can bet I’ll be speaking to Mr. Liberati again to book another great experience – this time maybe for my nieces!

Thank you Exceptional Limousine – you totally ROCK! 

Disclaimer: I was given an exclusive discount on the price of this limousine rental from Exceptional Limousine for my review purposes. I was not asked to give a positive review but rather an honest review. My opinions are completely my own and exactly how I feel about Exceptional Limousine’s customer service and quality of the vehicle we rode in.

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