Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hand sanitizing the texting

If you haven't headed here from there then let me fill you in.

I'm talking about how my Diva has been getting some mean texts lately on her phone from a girl in her class.  Texting can turn ugly.  It can be downright mean and malicious.  This girl says she hates Diva and doesn't want to be her friend and don't talk to her at school.  Yet when school comes around this same girl is talking to Diva and they have fun.  What is with these kids today??   Life is definitely different than when I grew up. I'd say this girl needs to have her mouth washed out with a bar of soap like parents used to do when you said mean or bad things but how do you do that with texting? What is worse is that some of these parents are aware of these texts and/or condone them. Yeah, I even know of one mom who has written them for their kid to a boy who dumped her daughter - folks, seriously, we are talking 6th Graders here. Huh??

It only takes a second for someone to text to their entire contact list something untrue and mean about another child and soon that text is forwarded onto their contact list and so on.  My daughter is 11.  Sixth grade kids are no longer as sweet and innocent as they were back in our days.  They have boyfriends now and "date" and there are even dances only for the 4-5-6 grades.  So this gives a lot more ammunition to spread ugly rumors or begin bullying.  Bullying can be spread a lot quicker today than in the past.

So LG has come up with Text Education and BlogHer has teamed up with them to have folks like me who actually live this kind of stuff to help educate other parents so they can then pass this stuff off to their own tweens and teens. 

With all that is thrown at these kids today at such early ages, we parents need all the help and support we can muster! 
Visit LG Text Ed to read "Helping Kids Respond to Mobile Harassment" by Dr. Joel Habero. You can also watch Emmy award winning actress, Jane Lynch, as she teaches parents how to talk to their teens about Mobile Harassment. is and organization in the US that helps young people rock causes they care about.   If you head over to this site a $0.50 donation will be made per comment left on ANY of the "LG Text Ed - Moms Discuss Teens and Texting" post.  Seriously, they will donate up to $5,000 total to

Go on now, do so good today - spread some positive reinforcement. Make a comment or two or three or four at this site and help kids stand up for what they believe in.  You might actually learn a thing or two along the way.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post from LG’s TextEd hub and

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